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Lawyers in West Plains, Missouri.

Quality representation for your family or business needs.


Lawyers in West Plains, Missouri.

Quality representation for your family or business needs.

about our practice

We offer a variety of services in our practice. For some, we are divorce or custody or child support lawyers. For others, we are probate attorneys or civil litigators. And for families, we help with estate planning. We serve in West Plains, MO, and the surrounding area. Please browse below for more about what we do.

family law

We understand that life isn’t perfect. We take care of dissolutions of marriage, legal separations, third-party custody, guardianships, adoptions, and juvenile matters.

We argue for your rights, and help you make the best-informed decisions when it comes to family matters.  

Estate planning

For any and all families, estate planning is an important piece to a family’s future wellbeing.

We assess what your family assets consist of and what your ownership includes. We craft a plan with your accountant or other business planners to determine what is in your best interests.

Then, we determine if you need a simple will with a beneficiary deed, powers of attorney, living will, or even more complex structures like an irrevocable living trust.

No matter what you need, we are prepared to tailor a plan for you. Sometimes, this means implementing a strategy that goes beyond a basic will. We assist with family business and business planning tool, so that your legacy will continue with the fewest tax implications.  

civil litigation

We love to go to court. It’s why we’re in our home town. We want to help you with any disputes you might find yourself dealing with.

We understand if the family farm is jeopardy in some way, and we want to help you secure your family’s heritage and future.

It can be a landlord/tenant action, to a complex business manner, to real estate litigation, we want to help. 

business organization and litigation

We provide services for the formation of business organizations and any subsequent legal matters. In conjunction with your financial and tax planner, we determine the ideal business structure or organization for your business needs.

Depending on your situation, we can assist with the formation of a partnership, corporation, or limited liability corporation. As your business grows, we help you monitor your acquisitions and sales agreements, particularly in case you might later want to sell because of the financial success of your business. 

Of course, if during your journey, any litigation arises from the operation of your business, we help you navigate that process. 

traffic matters

We can provide legal services for a variety of traffic-related matters, including speeding tickets, DWIs, careless and impudent driving, and driving without a license. We offer representation within the counties identified on our home page.

As a family law firm, we understand that traffic incidents can occur. Some of our clients, on the behalf of a family member, find their way into our office. A grandchild received a speeding ticket. A child was ticketed for reckless driving. We get it. We are here to help.

select personal injury matters

We represent select personal injury on a case by case determination. We may be able to assist you in certain areas, including if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, if you slipped and fell at a poorly maintained business, or if you have suffered from assault or medical malpractice.

If we are unable to meet your needs, we can refer you to an attorney in our network of who specialize in the area of your needs. Your family is important to us, and we’ll guide you through that process.


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